Water Purification in Sturgis, MI

Conditioning your water is often just one part of the process. While water conditioning is primarily the removal of minerals from your water, purification is the removal of pollutants and contaminants from your water. Your water likely has some contaminants in it that can contribute to not only taste and odor, but it can also contribute to health issues. You won't always be able to see it, but there are often specks of dirt and even rust in your tap water. This is because the water is likely traveling through pipes for miles picking up the debris that is in those old pipes.
Another reason to consider installing a new purification system from American Water Systems in Sturgis, MI, is bacteria. Bacteria is everywhere, but we want to make sure that we get rid as much of it as possible to limit how much bad bacteria that we are exposed to. Purification also removes other chemicals such as nitrates, lead, and mercury from your water leading to cleaner and better tasting water. We can service, repair, and install new water purification systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Keep the toxins out of your water and call us today for a free water analysis.
Reverse Osmosis - Water Purification in Sturgis, MI